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clayson-small-2A note from Clayson Schneider & Miller’s president, Kim Clayson:

Over the course of my career in representing small-business clients I found that the most common money-losing mistake clients made was not hiring a lawyer at critical turning points in their business. These were clients who thought they could afford to negotiate their own commercial leases or who thought the knew all the terms of their lending agreements but without legal training could not see the big risks they signed up for with their lender because they trusted their loan officer’s explanation of the terms of the agreement. Without hiring a lawyer, clients believed they were saving money on needless legal costs only to find that they signed loan documents or lease agreements that had disastrous financial consequences for their businesses and their personal finances.

Clients can get the important legal advice that they need without worrying about an unknown legal cost.

I understand why entrepreneurs avoid hiring lawyers, it’s mostly because the traditional way that law firms bill clients leaves clients uncertain about how much they will pay for legal services, costs for legal services can fluctuate between a few thousand dollars and tens of thousands of dollars and more. Hourly-rate billing can leave clients shocked at the end of the month and worried about how they will pay their lawyer. The tensions in billing and legal services ultimately frustrates the attorney-client relationship and clients often opt out from gaining sound and trusted legal advice and support.

Here at Clayson, Schneider & Miller, P.C. we have found the solution that meets businesses where they are at by arranging a predictable monthly fee structure so that clients can get the important legal advice that they need without worrying about an unknown legal cost.

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A Few Testimonials

Excellent Experience!

Very knowledgeable attorney with great attention to details and solid experience. Kim certainly knows her way through the court system and was able to guide us during our endeavor. Pleasure to work with. Will recommend without hesitation.

Kim is an excellent attorney!

Kim Clayson is a very knowledgeable attorney who works diligently and is always there to answer questions throughout the process. She has had to research many complicated issues for me. She takes the time to provide direction and explains at length what is happening and what to expect. I truly appreciate her counsel and advice.


Kim was by far the best thing that happened to my wife and I as far as our financial difficulties !!! She was so helpful in every aspect of our financial dilemma !! We owe extended years of our lives due to Kim. Thank You so much !!!

Everything you could ask for!

First if all she makes you feel comfortable confident and safe. Second thing is that you don't have to ask her about what's happening about your case because she is always updating you so your never wondering what's going on with my case she and you will be ahead of the game that's just her style. Basically you have a attorney that really fights for You from her hart , you felt like she was working to Win for you ! And the bonus is that she is also easy to talk to besides being very easy to look at! Thank you Kimberly.


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