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Chapter 7 and 13 Consumer Bankruptcy

Expanding credit card debt and mounting bills can quickly swallow up income needed to pay for your basic living expenses.

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Chapter 11 and Corporate Bankruptcy

There is no “one-size-fits-all” bankruptcy solution for clients who need to consider serious bankruptcy relief.

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Business Services

Entrepreneurs avoid hiring lawyers. Let us show you why We’re different and how we can help you make your ideas become a reality.

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Chapter 7 Trustee

We represent chapter 7 panel trustees in the investigation, litigation and recovery of bankruptcy estate assets.

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Creditor Services

We help bankruptcy creditors and businesses navigate bankruptcy court and legal issues that arise after a bankruptcy is filed.

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Why should my business have an attorney?

Here at Clayson, Schneider & Miller, PC we have seen how important dependable and consistent legal support is to ensuring a successful lasting business. Building legal costs into the business plan is going to be necessary

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Expanding credit card debt and mounting medical bills can quickly swallow up monthly income needed to pay for basic living expenses for middle class families. There are so many reasons personal debt might grow quickly over a short amount of time—short-term or long-term job loss, catastrophic medical events or chronic personal health problems, and changes in monthly income are just some of the sources of problems.

An important consideration to anyone who is struggling to get their debt in control.

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Customer Testimonials

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Excellent experience!

Very knowledgeable attorney with great attention to details and solid experience. Kim certainly knows her way through the court system and was able to guide us during our endeavor. Pleasure to work with. Will recommend without hesitation.


Kim was by far the best thing that happened to my wife and I as far as our financial difficulties !!! She was so helpful in every aspect of our financial dilemma !! We owe extended years of our lives due to Kim. Thank You so much !!!

Very grateful for the service!

Clayson is an excellent attorney for our small business. We’re big enough to get into confusing legal situations, but too small to have a full-time person to handle HR, property transaction and general organization questions. Very grateful for the service!

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A note from Clayson, Schneider & Miller’s president, Kim Clayson:

Over the course of my career in representing small business clients, I’ve found that the most common money-losing mistake clients made was not hiring a lawyer at critical turning points in their business. These were clients who thought they could afford to negotiate their own commercial leases or who thought they knew all the terms of their lending agreements. Without legal training, these clients could not see the big risks they signed up for with their lender because they trusted their loan officer’s explanation of the terms of the agreement. Without hiring a lawyer, clients believed they were saving money on needless legal costs only to find that they signed loan documents or lease agreements that had disastrous financial consequences for their businesses and their personal finances.

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